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How to prevent Gmail from eating up your mobile data

Gmail usually use a lot of data in your mobile phone, and especially if you use it regularly email platform on mobile devices ban.Tuy course, this convenience will cost . This is why it is important to find ways to minimize the use of your mobile data. Once you know how to prevent food Gmail from your mobile data, you can start communicating with others, and use your mobile device a much more efficient way. Here are some of the most effective ways that you can reduce the amount of mobile data Gmail eat up.
Avoid Clutter and use Gmail more responsible

Perform routine hygiene tasks such as removing unwanted emails in your inbox, spam folder, folder promotions, social directory and the directory containing the emails. Be careful what you access through your Gmail account because Gmail indirectly can lead to excessive use of mobile data when you watch videos, maps and other items online.

Gmail is one of the most important tools in modern mobile devices. However, make sure you take into account the advice above, when you use Gmail, so you do not eat an unnecessary amount of mobile data.
Usage Monitor your Gmail

It is important to keep a close eye on your use of Gmail. You may find that you need to use Gmail more often on certain times of the week or month, which results in a lot of mobile data is being used. Get into a habit of just using Gmail when you really need it.

Become more efficient by prioritizing emailing the information you want to send an email via the mobile network. The more you restrict this activity, the less mobile data you'll need.

Organize your Gmail account

The Gmail account you are more organized, the less likely it is wasted mobile data on this activity. Gmail uses labels to organize your email correctly. This will make it easy to group and find old emails. It also prevents you from keeping unnecessary emails and email leads to better protection. You can also use filters in Gmail, to reduce the amount of spam your inbox received. These filters can be set through your Gmail settings.

Use WiFi where possible

Whenever possible, use a wireless connection when you are using Gmail, instead of using the network of your mobile phone. This greatly reduces your dependence on your network and reduces the amount of mobile data is consumed in the process.

Store, send and receive e-mail activity is not related to your Gmail account only inefficient. You can also change your email settings, so any feature that automatically updates occur, only happens through a wireless connection.

Daily Operational Planning Your Gmail

Each successful resource-saving exercise requires a well thought out plan. This is especially true when it comes to preventing Gmail eating up your mobile data. Gmail is often too convenient, and you can end up using it too often. Instead, you should plan ahead and decide which emails should be sent per day.

This helps you focus on priority mail and reduce the number of unnecessary emails you send. Choose a specific time of day to use email, so that you become more efficient, and not engage in activities that use email too much mobile data.

Severely reduce strain on your mobile network

Some tasks and features Gmail mobile data use than others. Identify the tasks that stress your resources. It may be a wiser decision to carry out the tasks Gmail on other devices such as laptop, tablet or computer is connected to Wifi to use this heavy.

Save attachments elsewhere. For example, you can transfer them to a computer, laptop, storage device or the cloud.

Many features of Gmail is not required by most users. Reduce the number of ads displayed in your inbox and other unnecessary features.

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