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Create Gmail theme - Choose your own colors to customize email account

In the article about Gmail, we have raised a number of requests sent to Google-that's allowing Gmail users to create their own themes. And my little wish Google was quickly accepted and it makes me feel really happy. I guess most people like me have sent their feedback on this issue to Google. Anyway, as February 20, 2009, you can create a theme to your Gmail account!
Select a color for your own
Although (unfortunately), you can not include images while creating a theme for Gmail, you yourself choose a color for your own. This feature is available under the "Themes" tab in Gmail Settings- it is the last option, so you may need to scroll down.
Please click that it will open up for you a pop-up and when moving the cursor over the different elements, you'll be seeing a small box with an arrow pointing down means the elements here can be customized - it also will be enclosed in a dotted line. When you click on the arrow box element name is displayed along with the palette. Beneath these are different pages of different colors that you can change and can create a custom theme for Gmail for your own account.

  • The main Web page background
  • left frame
  • Box to the left
  • Top bracket
  • button Bar
  • Messages and reports are selected

 These boxes show the color palette when you give the cursor on them. Then there will be 35 colors in each table and if you want more details you add, press the button with the (+) sign that is to open a menu where you can choose a custom color for yourself

You remember that other changes to save all your work will vanish. And, if at a later stage, you want to return to the previous topic, then you just click the "Reset" button.
And now you do not have to limit default colors looked bland and you can choose the color of Gmail to make Gmail your theme you desire.
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