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5 Shift extremely useful when using Gmail

Below you will find our article about 5 extremely useful shortcuts that you use Gmail should know. When the 5 keys you about it, then you will feel it is useful, it will help you to use manipulation, working quickly and efficiently lot.

1. Shift + Click
Select multiple files to send in Gmail.

You can choose from many different data files to send in Gmail by pressing and holding the Shift key and click on the file you want to send your computer.

2.Shift + #
Clean up all your inboxes in a flash. Instead of having to delete messages individually.

3. Shift + I
Mark read messages.

4. Shift + U
Mark unread messages.

5. Shift + T
Select an email or open an email and press Shift + T to send email directly to Google Tasks.


To use Gmail shortcuts, you access to Settings> General> Keyboard shortcuts, then hit area on the Keyboard Shortcuts On option.

Then pull down the bottom of the page, click Save Changes to save the change is complete.

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