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Export your contacts from Gmail look like?

The integration into the Gmail contacts to bring a lot of convenience for the user, but if unfortunately you encountered a small glitch, the whole of your contacts will lose out. Therefore, the user should have their backup methods that simply here is export your contacts to your computer for later synchronization to Outlook or Windows Live Mail for further use

Let us do it offline.

Step 1: You go to your Gmail account, then please click the left mouse on the word Gmail in the upper, left side of the screen, select Contacts.

Step 2: Create a new interface will appear in the left column, press More> Export.

Step 3: When you have a message like the image below appears, click Go to old contacts.

Step 4: For you click> Export ...

Step 5: A small options window will appear, select the contacts you need to output and format you want. Then you click on Export.

The advice is the best we should choose the format of Outlook to export a CSV file, by later if you want to integrate your contacts into Outlook, it will not need to repeat.

Step 6: You look down to the bottom of your browser, then we will see the contact file being downloaded, after the download is completed, it will duochien appears as shown below.

So you already know how to access your contacts from Gmail to your computer, in this way, contact your Google account will be saved are in service work or when there is a problem with the user's Gmail .

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