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Thứ Sáu, 29 tháng 4, 2016

Guide created Group Email in Gmail

Or you are using Gmail and you had or have Gmail for many people. If you just have one by one can be so is very complicated and time consuming for you is not it. So we had a very good way to solve it is that you create your own group. It is the Group for the email address that you or send mail to go it is easy and a lot faster when you have to send mail to each person. Below you will find our article about how to set Group in Mail.
Wish you success.

The first is that you must be logged into your Gmail account you have and then you tap the + icon next to the text, such as the screen.
Afterwards you choose to Contact

Under My contacts you click New Group:

And then it will bring up the name for the group - this Group under this section, then you enter the name of the group you want to import, and then you press OK

The next step is extremely simple and easy to make, you just turn assigned the email address needed in this group. Select Group has created and press

Simply enter your email address here respectively, then click the Add button below:

Very simple and easy, since the mailing then we just type the corresponding name of the newly created email group, the system will automatically display the full based on Autocomplete featur

Those are the steps to create your Group in Mail. You read and consult offline.

Thứ Tư, 27 tháng 4, 2016

Send an email with a different Gmail account

There are many people who own not only a mail that they also use a lot of different email addresses. Many cases of this address is not from the same supplier. And management issues that email is not easy as you think when creating them, checking each email address that will take a lot of time.

There is a solution to help you overcome this problem, which is to use Gmail as a mail center to handle many different email accounts. Following our article about methods of sending and receiving email from your Gmail account.

Note: An important part of this process is to be able to forward your email to your Gmail account by yourself. Some email services like Yahoo does not allow you to forward the mail cuoa Yahoo users if you are not corporate customers or incur an expense. Before you proceed, please check whether you can forward emails to Gmail or not.

In the example below we used Hotmail. The illustrations may be different, but the steps are generally the same regardless of what email service. Even if you have multiple Gmail accounts, this will still work the same.

Part 1: Setting up for email forwarding mode

After logging into your email account, you need to go to the settings menu. In Hotmail, click your account name was used to register in the top right corner of the screen and select "Options"

On the left side, click on Mail. Then click Next to Email Forwarding.

In forwarding the card you will see a box to enter your Gmail address. With Hotmail, you will need to tick the Hotmail notified that you want to forward your emails to another address (forwarding mail to another email account của ...). Here you'll see a note reminding you to log into your Hotmail account once after 270 days if not your Hotmail account will be canceled.

If you want to keep a copy of the email is forwarded, please tick the "Keep a copy of forwarded messages in your Windows Live Hotmail inbox," and then click the Save button to save the settings.

Part 2: Send mail from Gmail

Once logged into your Gmail account, you can see a picture of the wheels beside his name in the top right corner of the browser. Click the image to open wheel options menu and select Mail Settings.

In the settings window Mail Settings, Accounts and Import tab.

In this tab, scroll down about half of the page you'll see a section called "Send mail from another address" and click on it to move to the next section:

A pop up window appears with 2 box to enter data.

- Name: Enter the name you want displayed when sending mail.
- Email address: Enter the email address you use to send.

Click Next Step to continue. If you want to change other email account after receiving a reply (reply) you can double-check rõ different "reply-to" address.

The next step, select SMTP or mail server. Here we propose to use Gmail's servers by ease of installation. This will save all the messages sent to Gmail Sent folder.

Once you have selected a server to send out, you need to send an email to confirm to your other email accounts (eg Hotmail).

This is why we recommend opening available Hotmail or other email account. When receiving a message from Google in the inbox sent to Hotmail, click the link in the email to verify that you really want to Google email from this account.

Alternatively, you can copy and paste the code from the email to confirm your Gmail window visible.

You should test all email for the last set by going to Gmail inbox, compose a message. In the compose window you'll see a drop-down option, here will display your email address

Export your contacts from Gmail look like?

The integration into the Gmail contacts to bring a lot of convenience for the user, but if unfortunately you encountered a small glitch, the whole of your contacts will lose out. Therefore, the user should have their backup methods that simply here is export your contacts to your computer for later synchronization to Outlook or Windows Live Mail for further use

Let us do it offline.

Step 1: You go to your Gmail account, then please click the left mouse on the word Gmail in the upper, left side of the screen, select Contacts.

Step 2: Create a new interface will appear in the left column, press More> Export.

Step 3: When you have a message like the image below appears, click Go to old contacts.

Step 4: For you click> Export ...

Step 5: A small options window will appear, select the contacts you need to output and format you want. Then you click on Export.

The advice is the best we should choose the format of Outlook to export a CSV file, by later if you want to integrate your contacts into Outlook, it will not need to repeat.

Step 6: You look down to the bottom of your browser, then we will see the contact file being downloaded, after the download is completed, it will duochien appears as shown below.

So you already know how to access your contacts from Gmail to your computer, in this way, contact your Google account will be saved are in service work or when there is a problem with the user's Gmail .

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Thứ Hai, 25 tháng 4, 2016

How to send and receive email with Gmail

Instructions on how to send and receive electronic mail (e-mail) with Gmail. Gmail is now one of the most popular e-mail service that sends and receives information very quickly.

After you sign up for a Gmail account, and if this is the first time you're new to Gmail, you'll feel a little brought him lies. However, if you refer to the instructions you read on bringing either you learn from the masters in the use of Gmail soon, you will feel easier. In the first place, let's look at how to send and receive messages on Gmail because this is its main task!
Instruction on how to send email with Gmail
Step 1: Please sign in to Gmail using the address: or

Step 2: Please click the "Compose Mail" located above the list of folders

Step 3: It will appear window "Compose Mail" to send a message. However this is the tool for composing messages quickly, you press the arrow button on either image below to move to a larger window so that you can enjoy when composing messages

Step 4: The window "Compose Mail" Gmail is larger (If you want to shrink as step 3, click the double arrow).

We will tell you about the instructions on how to use the new interface for Gmail for you to compose messages
No. 1: You enter the recipient's email address and the message header.
No. 2: Get your thumbnail (-), Zoom (↔), close (x) to close the "Compose Mail" window. Cc: Add more email recipients. Bcc: recipient's email Add.
No. 3: Tools Editor. That would be, respectively: formatting options, attach files that are less than 25MB, insert files using drives with larger capacities of 25MB, insert images, insert links, insert emoticons.
No. 4: Remove the Delete the email draft is being composed. Down arrow symbol: the more advanced options such as printing, spell checking.
Number 5: Frame of Gmail editor.
And you see the image below ;

Step 6: After you've finished the job of writing a message, you press the Send button to send it. If successful will be successful notification. You can see the messages in the sent messages in Gmail leave the menu.
Note: While writing a message, your message will be automatically saved to the draft until submitted.

Instructions on how to receive a message (email) with Gmail
You can view the messages that other people send you in the Inbox, if you can not see the message, you should also look in the spam.

Chủ Nhật, 24 tháng 4, 2016

Send group email via Gmail

There are many different ways to send emails to many people - you add the address of each person in one of the "To:", "Cc" or "Bcc" is good for a while giancua you. But if you want to plan that would send a message to the bundle đy often the same individuals, a more elegant approach is that you should let all those people in a group. And in Gmail, you want to do this, it is quite easy for you. You need to make an effort once and from then on it will be very easy and convenient for you. Let's see how we can send an email to a group Gmail.
To send an email to multiple recipients by you to create a group in your Gmail Contacts
The first time you invest in organizing hundreds of contacts on Gmail will pay big dividends in the form of facilitation. Currently there are two ways in which you can create a contact in Gmail groups (please refer to link step by step instructions and screenshots). You can start with a certain product group and then you select and move the contacts to it. Either you initially select the contact you want and then you can create your own group. Either way đy again, once this is done, send an email to everyone in a group that you created, including the determination of only the group name in the To :.
So you click on the "Compose Message" so that it can take up blank email forms and enter the group name in the "To: you type a message and click the send button As you will understand, a big advantage Gmail team. contacts (besides the data is held) is the ease with which you can send a message to many people ... especially when you plan to do this in a way often, you will feel their advantage.

Please remember that the same contact that may belong to two or more groups. If so, one of the group 'Friends' can be your 'colleagues and the group of "friends Booze' too! This means that if you are planning to meet at the pub where you or gathered so you can call for close friends only your wine because not all friends are in your group that wine.

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Create Gmail theme - Choose your own colors to customize email account

In the article about Gmail, we have raised a number of requests sent to Google-that's allowing Gmail users to create their own themes. And my little wish Google was quickly accepted and it makes me feel really happy. I guess most people like me have sent their feedback on this issue to Google. Anyway, as February 20, 2009, you can create a theme to your Gmail account!
Select a color for your own
Although (unfortunately), you can not include images while creating a theme for Gmail, you yourself choose a color for your own. This feature is available under the "Themes" tab in Gmail Settings- it is the last option, so you may need to scroll down.
Please click that it will open up for you a pop-up and when moving the cursor over the different elements, you'll be seeing a small box with an arrow pointing down means the elements here can be customized - it also will be enclosed in a dotted line. When you click on the arrow box element name is displayed along with the palette. Beneath these are different pages of different colors that you can change and can create a custom theme for Gmail for your own account.

  • The main Web page background
  • left frame
  • Box to the left
  • Top bracket
  • button Bar
  • Messages and reports are selected

 These boxes show the color palette when you give the cursor on them. Then there will be 35 colors in each table and if you want more details you add, press the button with the (+) sign that is to open a menu where you can choose a custom color for yourself

You remember that other changes to save all your work will vanish. And, if at a later stage, you want to return to the previous topic, then you just click the "Reset" button.
And now you do not have to limit default colors looked bland and you can choose the color of Gmail to make Gmail your theme you desire.
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9 tricks you must try to Make Gmail Faster and effective

Thứ Tư, 20 tháng 4, 2016

9 tricks you must try to Make Gmail Faster and effective

Gmail is one of the email services most widely used in the world because it is fairly simple to use and conveniently and sync means well, help it support with many different devices and platforms .
In addition to its basic features , Google has added a lot of features that Gmail makes handling our daily email becomes simpler and more convenient . In this article I will share with you these things.

Chrome and Firefox have a separate system of notification of this browser and Gmail take advantage of both of them very well. when you have new email, as long as your browser is open, you can quickly be informed by a small box near the clock radio or in the upper right corner of the screen. When clicking on the notice, you will be immediately redirected to the new email arrives, then, you can view or respond to it very quickly. Instead of using separate applications to manage your mail, you can use this announcement for its convenience over.

To activate this feature, you log into Gmail, click the gear icon (Settings) Desktop Notifications General tab. Click "Chat notifications on"
Here you have three options:

1.New Mail Notifications - see notifications when email is sent to the mailbox
2.Important notice about Mail - reports only messages marked as important
3.Off newsletters - without notice

Cancel sending an Email

I am sure, had a time in your life, you estimate that there will be an Undo button to destroy the contents of an email wrongly-, such as a letter of his confession but he suddenly realize that is not the time to confess dderr, or he misdirected it to others.
Fortunately, Google understands that and has made the dream come true. Although it is still in the testing phase but thui, but you can enable it by going to Settings Labs Enable Undo Send, then click the Save button Changes.Ban remember Pai Note that you can only cancel the folder within a few seconds after pressing the Send button.

Some common shortcuts

Ctrl + b: bold text
Ctrl + i: italic text
Ctrl + u: underlined
Ctrl + Shift + 7: Create a list of numbered bullets.
Ctrl + Shift + 8: Create a list of typing bullets.
Ctrl + k: Fast insert a link to selected text.
Additionally you can also enable some advanced shortcuts by accessing the Settings General Keyboard shortcuts, select “On”, click Save Changes. These keys include:
C: quickly create a new letter
D: create a new message in a separate tab
F: forward mail
E: mail archives
#: Deleted mail
/: Search
Shift + i: mark as read
Shift + u: mark as unread
Ctrl + S to save a draft of a letter which is being drafted
Exploit Auto-Categorization feature
Last year, Gmail was added auto-classification feature email based on various sections, such as advertising, forums, messages updated from new pages or main mail (including mail from friends, relatives, colleagues, offices …). By defaulting this feature, it will run automatically and be pretty accurate, but if you want to customize it, it is still doable.
For example, when you find a letter from a close friend, but it strays into the “Forum” inbox, you can choose that email, drag and then drop it into the inbox entitled “Primary“. Similarly, if the advertising messages happen to reach the “Primary” inbox, you just have to drag and drop it into the “Forum” inbox. After finishing moving, you’ll be asked whether you want to apply the classification like that for future emails or not, select “Yes” so we do not bother to do it again.

Besides, by defaulting, only the current messages in the mailbox “Primary” will be notified through the mobile device (if you are using Gmail app provided by Google, ether iOS or Android). If you want the app to notify all incoming messages, regardless of whatever mailbox classified is, run the app up, go to Settings (gear icon) Notifications All new messages.

Quickly insert canned content into mail
This is a feature of Gmail that allows us to insert a piece of content which has already been prepared to the mail quickly. Canned response is useful when you need to send the same content of letters lots of times, so you will save a lot of time. To activate it, go to Settings Labs card, then turn on Canned Response and do not forget to click “Save changes”.
Now, just draft a new message and click on the small arrow located in the lower right corner of the composing mail window, choose Canned response New Canned response to name and save the contents. In the future use, just go to the menu Canned response and you can see things you have prepared before, if you want to insert a content, you just have to select it.

Archive email
Did you know that the letter which was read, in addition to be erased, you can store (archive) them? This feature is great because you can guarantee that your mailbox is not only always clean but also fully retains important emails, do not worry about when you suddenly need them but they were deleted. To archive messages, all you need to do is select the desired e-mail and click the button Archive as highlighted in the image below. When you want to find them, you may use the Gmail search box.
Also, you can setup in order that email can be automatically archived right after you have replied to a letter. So you will not have to implement it yourself anymore, save time!
To install, go to Settings Send and Archive Show “Send & Archive” button in reply. From now on, whenever you reply, you will see a new button to apply the aforementioned feature.

How to select all email in the inbox at the same time
This trick is tiny but extremely strong, it allows us to select all messages in one inbox with just one mouse click. Maybe you thought that the check mark at the top of the line used to select all email is enough, but in fact it only select the email which is being displayed, while the series below are not. To select all, you must click on the “Select all conversation…”

Did you know that you can read and reply to messages even when you do not have Internet connection? You can use the Chrome browser Gmail Offline Chrome combined with Apps to carry out their actions. All these actions will be put in a queue and as soon as the network is connected again, they will in turn be executed.

Mute a conversation
Tired of tracking of emails not important from your colleges while you are not related to them? No problem, Gmail allows you to turn off the notification of a certain conversation to avoid inconveniences.
In selected conversations, go to More Mute. From now on, you just see emails which are sent to your own or when your address appears in the To: or CC:

Add to-do list
Normally, you use the other apps to create a to-do list, but with Gmail, the Google has already integrated this feature for us. You go to the main interface of Gmail, select a certain letter (for example, a private letter in which your wife tell you to buy food for kids), click More Add to Tasks.
Immediately, a new task will appear in the list of things to do, from which you can add the date and time expired, notes … In case you are using the reminder application supports synchronization with Google then this action will also be synchronized down and notice when it’s time to remind. Later, if you want to review emails related to that action, click on Related on line and then everything is finished!
Good luck!