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Send group email via Gmail

There are many different ways to send emails to many people - you add the address of each person in one of the "To:", "Cc" or "Bcc" is good for a while giancua you. But if you want to plan that would send a message to the bundle đy often the same individuals, a more elegant approach is that you should let all those people in a group. And in Gmail, you want to do this, it is quite easy for you. You need to make an effort once and from then on it will be very easy and convenient for you. Let's see how we can send an email to a group Gmail.
To send an email to multiple recipients by you to create a group in your Gmail Contacts
The first time you invest in organizing hundreds of contacts on Gmail will pay big dividends in the form of facilitation. Currently there are two ways in which you can create a contact in Gmail groups (please refer to link step by step instructions and screenshots). You can start with a certain product group and then you select and move the contacts to it. Either you initially select the contact you want and then you can create your own group. Either way đy again, once this is done, send an email to everyone in a group that you created, including the determination of only the group name in the To :.
So you click on the "Compose Message" so that it can take up blank email forms and enter the group name in the "To: you type a message and click the send button As you will understand, a big advantage Gmail team. contacts (besides the data is held) is the ease with which you can send a message to many people ... especially when you plan to do this in a way often, you will feel their advantage.

Please remember that the same contact that may belong to two or more groups. If so, one of the group 'Friends' can be your 'colleagues and the group of "friends Booze' too! This means that if you are planning to meet at the pub where you or gathered so you can call for close friends only your wine because not all friends are in your group that wine.

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