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How to send and receive email with Gmail

Instructions on how to send and receive electronic mail (e-mail) with Gmail. Gmail is now one of the most popular e-mail service that sends and receives information very quickly.

After you sign up for a Gmail account, and if this is the first time you're new to Gmail, you'll feel a little brought him lies. However, if you refer to the instructions you read on bringing either you learn from the masters in the use of Gmail soon, you will feel easier. In the first place, let's look at how to send and receive messages on Gmail because this is its main task!
Instruction on how to send email with Gmail
Step 1: Please sign in to Gmail using the address: or

Step 2: Please click the "Compose Mail" located above the list of folders

Step 3: It will appear window "Compose Mail" to send a message. However this is the tool for composing messages quickly, you press the arrow button on either image below to move to a larger window so that you can enjoy when composing messages

Step 4: The window "Compose Mail" Gmail is larger (If you want to shrink as step 3, click the double arrow).

We will tell you about the instructions on how to use the new interface for Gmail for you to compose messages
No. 1: You enter the recipient's email address and the message header.
No. 2: Get your thumbnail (-), Zoom (↔), close (x) to close the "Compose Mail" window. Cc: Add more email recipients. Bcc: recipient's email Add.
No. 3: Tools Editor. That would be, respectively: formatting options, attach files that are less than 25MB, insert files using drives with larger capacities of 25MB, insert images, insert links, insert emoticons.
No. 4: Remove the Delete the email draft is being composed. Down arrow symbol: the more advanced options such as printing, spell checking.
Number 5: Frame of Gmail editor.
And you see the image below ;

Step 6: After you've finished the job of writing a message, you press the Send button to send it. If successful will be successful notification. You can see the messages in the sent messages in Gmail leave the menu.
Note: While writing a message, your message will be automatically saved to the draft until submitted.

Instructions on how to receive a message (email) with Gmail
You can view the messages that other people send you in the Inbox, if you can not see the message, you should also look in the spam.

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