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Send an email with a different Gmail account

There are many people who own not only a mail that they also use a lot of different email addresses. Many cases of this address is not from the same supplier. And management issues that email is not easy as you think when creating them, checking each email address that will take a lot of time.

There is a solution to help you overcome this problem, which is to use Gmail as a mail center to handle many different email accounts. Following our article about methods of sending and receiving email from your Gmail account.

Note: An important part of this process is to be able to forward your email to your Gmail account by yourself. Some email services like Yahoo does not allow you to forward the mail cuoa Yahoo users if you are not corporate customers or incur an expense. Before you proceed, please check whether you can forward emails to Gmail or not.

In the example below we used Hotmail. The illustrations may be different, but the steps are generally the same regardless of what email service. Even if you have multiple Gmail accounts, this will still work the same.

Part 1: Setting up for email forwarding mode

After logging into your email account, you need to go to the settings menu. In Hotmail, click your account name was used to register in the top right corner of the screen and select "Options"

On the left side, click on Mail. Then click Next to Email Forwarding.

In forwarding the card you will see a box to enter your Gmail address. With Hotmail, you will need to tick the Hotmail notified that you want to forward your emails to another address (forwarding mail to another email account của ...). Here you'll see a note reminding you to log into your Hotmail account once after 270 days if not your Hotmail account will be canceled.

If you want to keep a copy of the email is forwarded, please tick the "Keep a copy of forwarded messages in your Windows Live Hotmail inbox," and then click the Save button to save the settings.

Part 2: Send mail from Gmail

Once logged into your Gmail account, you can see a picture of the wheels beside his name in the top right corner of the browser. Click the image to open wheel options menu and select Mail Settings.

In the settings window Mail Settings, Accounts and Import tab.

In this tab, scroll down about half of the page you'll see a section called "Send mail from another address" and click on it to move to the next section:

A pop up window appears with 2 box to enter data.

- Name: Enter the name you want displayed when sending mail.
- Email address: Enter the email address you use to send.

Click Next Step to continue. If you want to change other email account after receiving a reply (reply) you can double-check rõ different "reply-to" address.

The next step, select SMTP or mail server. Here we propose to use Gmail's servers by ease of installation. This will save all the messages sent to Gmail Sent folder.

Once you have selected a server to send out, you need to send an email to confirm to your other email accounts (eg Hotmail).

This is why we recommend opening available Hotmail or other email account. When receiving a message from Google in the inbox sent to Hotmail, click the link in the email to verify that you really want to Google email from this account.

Alternatively, you can copy and paste the code from the email to confirm your Gmail window visible.

You should test all email for the last set by going to Gmail inbox, compose a message. In the compose window you'll see a drop-down option, here will display your email address

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