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How to log in and switch between multiple Gmail accounts

Sometimes you need to use a lot of Gmail, not 1 Gmail. Then you will feel very hearing to every must log out and then log back on. Here we'll show you how to log in to Gmail once in the Browser. So you can more easily convenient when you want to use multiple mail for a while.

Step 1: Please Log in to any Google Apps (Gmail, Drive, etc.) and then you click on your profile photo at the top. As the figure below

Step 2: Click on the "Add Account" from the drop down menu.

Step 3: If you have not changed your password to the default password of your DOB, you must change your password before you can log into your email FIT.
Follow us to change the password to

Step 4: Then On page opens, enter your email address and your password FIT FIT, and click "Login"

How to switch between accounts

Once you've logged into multiple accounts in the same browser, you can easily switch accounts. Just click your profile photo at the top and click on the email address to which you want to log on.
- You can also have both accounts opened in separate tabs in your browser simply hold down the command when you press the control key Mac and Windows.

That way you can convert Gmail in a browser. Wish you success.

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