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Guide created Group Email in Gmail

Or you are using Gmail and you had or have Gmail for many people. If you just have one by one can be so is very complicated and time consuming for you is not it. So we had a very good way to solve it is that you create your own group. It is the Group for the email address that you or send mail to go it is easy and a lot faster when you have to send mail to each person. Below you will find our article about how to set Group in Mail.
Wish you success.

The first is that you must be logged into your Gmail account you have and then you tap the + icon next to the text, such as the screen.
Afterwards you choose to Contact

Under My contacts you click New Group:

And then it will bring up the name for the group - this Group under this section, then you enter the name of the group you want to import, and then you press OK

The next step is extremely simple and easy to make, you just turn assigned the email address needed in this group. Select Group has created and press

Simply enter your email address here respectively, then click the Add button below:

Very simple and easy, since the mailing then we just type the corresponding name of the newly created email group, the system will automatically display the full based on Autocomplete featur

Those are the steps to create your Group in Mail. You read and consult offline.

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